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  1. Resolution on Review of the Political and Security Situation in the Asia Pacific and the World (Australia)
  2. Resolution on Reform, Revitalization and Restructuring of the United Nations (Thailand)
  3. Resolution on Combating International Terrorism (Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and USA)
  4. Resolution on the Denuclearization and Peaceful Reunification on the Korean Peninsula (Republic of Korea and Japan)
  5. Resolution on the Middle East Peace Process (Japan)
  6. Resolution on Balanced Economic and Social Development (China)
  7. Resolution on Economy and Trade (Japan, New Zealand, and the United States)
  8. Resolution on Globalization and the New Round of Negotiations of the WTO (Indonesia, Mexico)
  9. Resolution on Asia-Pacific Regional Economic Cooperation (Indonesia)
  10. Resolution on Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) (Thailand)
  11. Resolution on Sustainable Development: Financing for Development (Indonesia, Mexico)
  12. Resolution on Pacific Ocean: Protection of its Biomass – Current Multilateral Agreements ( Chile and Australia)
  13. Resolution on Water and Its Use As an Essential Resource for Sustainable Development (Mexico)
  14. Resolution on Transnational Crimes (Indonesia, Mexico)
  15. Resolution on Trafficking of Persons (United States and Thailand)
  16. Resolution on Co-operation for the Prevention and Eradication
    of Emerging Infectious Diseases ( Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand)
  17. Resolution on Dialogues Between Different Cultures and Civilizations (China)
  18. Resolution on Exchange among Cultures and Civilizations (The Philippines, Mexico)
  19. Resolution on Importance of Respect for Culture and Cultural Interchange (Japan)
  20. Resolution on Cooperation in Tourism (Thailand)
  21. Resolution on Gender Equality (Japan)
  22. Resolution on Fostering of Human Resources and Active Utilization of The Abilities of Women For The Sake of Economic Growth (Japan)
  23. Resolution on the Role of Women in Sustainable Development (Thailand)
  24. Resolution on Development of the Information Society and Education (Japan)
  25. Resolution on Conferment of the title Chairman Emeritus on Hon. Yasuhiro Nakasone, Founder of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (Philippines)