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I Political and Security Issues in the Asia Pacific Region

    B. Response to Sub-regional Problems

    1. KoreanPeninsula situation. Report by the Republic of Korea
    2. Cambodian situation. Report by Cambodia and the Representatives of the ASEAN Mediating Group

II Regional Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region

    A. For Further Progress in Trade and Investment Liberalization

    1. APEC Vancouver Meetings. Report by Canada
    2. Stabilization of Capital and Financial Markets. Report by Thailand

    B. Addressing Global Issues

    1. Environment

    a) The third session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP3). Report by Japan

    b) El Niņo Phenomenon. Report by Peru

    2) Energy Issues (Petroleum, nuclear power)

    3) Drugs, terrorism, and money laundering

    4) Corruption

    C. Cooperation in Other Areas

    1. Education
    2. Cooperation in Areas of Human Resources and Culture
    3. Economic Cooperation
    4. Promotion of Exchanges in the Areas of Information and Communications (roles for the government and private sector)


III. Cementing the Foundation for Interchanges among Parliamentarians

A) Inter-Parliamentary Exchange Mechanism (Asia Pacific Open Information Network- APOINT 2001 Plan). Report by Thailand

B) Creation of an APPF Website. Report by Peru

IV. Organizational Matters (Executive Committee members and their term of office)

V. Other. Myanmar. General Discussion

VI. Decision on the Host Country of the Next Annual Meeting: Perú