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Jointly submitted by the Republic of Peru and the Philippines

The Sixth Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Considering that corruption is a serious problem which nearly all countries have had to contend with in recent years;

Noting especially that corruption has become a widespread phenomenon in international business transactions including trade and investment, thus raising serious moral and political concerns and distorting international competitive conditions;

Conscious that corruption can extend to almost all aspects of public and private life, and can be measured qualitatively or quantitatively by its destructive effects on a country's economy, governability, and on the morality of its culture;

And further conscious that corruption violates the economic and social rights of individuals, particularly the poor, by denying society the benefits of free and open competition;

Noting that corrupt bureaucratic behavior thrive because of its ease and very strong pressures for performance, and therefore can be curtailed when opportunities to commit such acts are made more difficult;

Conscious that the effective control of corruption must be dealt with and exemplified principally from the countries' positions of leadership by assuming the task of defining clear policies in the head-on struggle against this scourge; and

Emphasizing the need to pool resources to combat this economic evil in society due to the transnational and global nature of the problem and the necessity to exchange experiences and collaborate to restore ethics and integrity in business transactions both domestically and internationally;

Resolves to:

Recommend to our governments to take effective measures to deter, prevent and combat corruption of public officials within their respective jurisdictions leading to the reduction and eradication of corruption in its different forms and modes;

Encourage APPF member countries to take concrete and meaningful steps to adopt visibility schemes in all business transactions, install more effective monitoring systems, and re-orient its employees on ethics in public service;

Express their commitment to promote in their respective parliaments and countries policies and laws that lead to the gradual elimination of corruption, giving priority in the case of crimes that utilize international mechanisms, like:

Appeal to APPF member countries to undertake coordinated activities to fight corrpution by setting up an NGO in the region to fight such a menace.