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Drugs, Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering

jointly submitted by Australia, the Philippines, and the Republic of Peru

The Sixth Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Recalling the resolution approved by acclamation at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the APPF in Vancouver, Canada on January 1997;

Whereas illicit production, sale, and use of drugs has transcended all social, economic, political, and national borders;

Alarmed by the magnitude of drug abuse, illicit cultivation, production and trafficking in narcotic substances, including synthetic mid designer drugs, which affect the welfare of millions of persons, particularly the youth of today in all countries of our region;

Convinced of the clear connection between international organized crime, trafficking in illicit drugs, and the incidence of the laundering of the financial proceeds of these illegal activities;

Realizing that drug trafficking is an unlawful activity in which large amounts of capital and political interests are involved;

Emphasizing that international cooperation in the fight against these menaces should be accelerated and geared towards the adoption of common policy approaches and strategies, and through exchange of information, bilateral and multi-lateral agreements, joint activities and programs aimed at the control and eradication of the crimes of drug trafficking and money laundering;

Resolves to:

Reiterate the recommendations of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum Resolution on Illegal Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering (APPF5/Res/Soc/6);

Call upon regional parliaments to strengthen law enforcement structures and capabilities in combatting the illicit production of drugs and the laundering of proceeds through closer cooperation within the region to balance the increased capabilities of organized crime groups through the development of more compatible laws, increased mutual assistance and cooperation in extradition, money laundering matters, and intelligence exchange;

Invite delegations to the Seventh Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum to report on the progress made in their parliamentary jurisdiction to reduce the incidence of trafficking in illicit drugs and the processing of illicitly acquired funds as it applies to the Asia Pacific Region.

Encourage governments to put into action policies and educational programs both to prevent consumption of drugs among the youth and to teach them about the enormous threat of drug addiction.