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Energy Issues

submitted by the Philippines

The Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum Sixth Annual Meeting,

Recognizing that energy and electric power consumption are essential inputs in all economic activities;

Noting that approximately sixty-five percent (65%) of our energy resources is petroleum based, almost all of which comes from foreign sources, thereby expending tremendous amounts of foreign currency for it;

Concerned over the price of oil which has been raised to astronomical levels and threatens to turn into a disturbing social, economic and political upheaval;

Convinced that a country cannot rely on an energy program fuelled by oil, but must embark on and pursue bold alternative energy strategies;

Realizing that the policy of Asian Nations on energy conservation can never be the permanent solution to the energy problem;

Resolves to:

Encourage APPF member countries to give priority to energy development program.

Call upon APPF governments to support and expand indigenous energy production.

Urge APPF governments to adopt a policy on the search for indigenous alternative energy sources which could lead to energy self-sufficiency.