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The Asia-Pacific Open Information Network (APOINT): In Interparliamentary Mechanism for Legislative Interchanges and Information Technology Development

jointly submitted by Australia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Peru, and Thailand

The Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum Sixth Annual Meeting,

Recognizing that APPF parliamentarians need to be equipped with high quality and timely information in order to facilitate exchanges among parliaments, between parliaments and the general public, and societies to collaborate effectively towards problem-prevention, problem-solving, and regional betterment;

Mindful of the APPF Vancouver Declaration in 1997 on the establishment of an Asia-Pacific Open Information Network and the adoption of Resolution APPF5/Res/Leg/1 on the creation of APPF Website and Resolution APPF5/Res/Leg/2 on legislative interchange among member countries;

Aware that the Internet is a prime tool for information revolution and of the necessity for parliamentarians to keep pace with the sophistication of this technology development while paying full attention to the importance of traditional exchanges;

Appreciating the conceptual contribution by Thailand, Korea, and the other members on the establishment of an inter-parliamentary mechanism for legislative interchanges and information technology;

Resolves to:

Approve the establishment and operation of APPF Homepage Website by the Peruvian Parliament, anticipating further development of such activities in the wider area of Asia-Pacific Open Information Network, with the hope of being functional by the year 2001;

Establish the Technology Working Committee comprising Australia, Japan, Korea, Peru, and Thailand and other members appointed by the Annual Meeting, with Peru as the inaugural Committee Chairperson;

Encourage the development of APPF sub-regional information system to promote information exchanges among member parliaments relating to their specific concerns and linkages with existing international and regional cooperation programs;

Mandate the Technology Working Committee to consider: