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Electronic Commerce

Submitted by the Republic of Korea

The 6th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Noting that with rapid advancement of telecommunications technology and the enormous increase in the use of the Internet, the electronic commerce market is emerging as a new form of world market;

Recognizing the importance of establishing a mechanism in which the conflicting interests of diverse nations of the world are reflected and adjusted, so that the electronic commerce does not serve simply as a means of advanced countries to secure its world market share or as a form of trade barrier hindering the economic development of developing countries, but as a useful tool with which to promote sound development of the world economy; and

Supporting the ten principles for the expansion of electronic commerce adopted at the Turku Conference held in Finland late this year;

Hereby resolves that,

  1. The promotion of electronic commerce should be pursued by private sectors based on free market principles with minimum government interference;

  2. The future discussions of international rules on electronic commerce and other related issues should be made to enable all countries to reap the benefits of electronic commerce;

  3. All the countries of the world should protect the individual privacy in their electronic commerce to the maximum extent, bearing in mind that electronic commerce can reach its potential only when the free flow of information and the protection of individual rights are properly balanced; and

  4. Competition should be encouraged in order to secure comprehensive effectiveness of the telecommunications infrastructure and information technology, supporting the WTO Agreement on Basic Telecommunication Services concluded in February 1997 and the future WTO agreement on electronic commerce related issues.