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Asia-Pacific Festival of Art and Culture

submitted by Japan

We, the parliamentarians of the APPF, gathered at the Sixth Annual Meeting at Seoul in January 1998,

realizing that Asia-Pacific region comprise a variety of cultures, languages and peoples, and that deepening mutual understanding and trust among the members is important for maintaining peace and stability of the region,

recalling the Vancouver declaration adopted at the fifth annual assembly which underlined importance of understanding and respecting of different cultures to foster mutual understanding, mutual trust, and true friendship in Asia-Pacific,

convinced that further interchange of diverse culture and art in the region will nourish culture and civilization of mankind as a whole,

reflecting usefulness of providing an opportunity for artists and intellectuals of various fields to regularly exercise their arts and skills and interchange them in respective capitals or particular areas,

Resolve to:

  1. call on our respective governments and local governments to make every effort so that a nominated capital or city could host the first 'Asia-Pacific Festival of art and culture' by around 2000
  2. urge private artistic and cultural bodies to participate in the Festival
  3. discuss the time and host city of the second Festival at an appropriate occasion.