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Cultural Exchange Programas Resolution

submitted by the Philippines

The Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum Sixth Annual Meeting,

Recognizing the fact that as globalization intensifies, the exchange of cultural ideas and images will also intensify;

Realizing the importance for each nation to appreciate the best of its own culture and the cultures of other peoples;

Noting the programs and projects of the APPF on culture designed to promote among Asia-Pacific member countries greater appreciation of one another's cultural heritage and lifestyles through various forms of studies and research, documentations, exhibitions, performances, workshops, seminars, exchange of personnel, audio-visual projects, awards and recognition;

Reaffirming the objective of promoting effective cooperation based on the promotion of universal values while, at the same time, preserving traditional values by promoting cultural exchange programs and related activities to enhance social and cultural development of the region and its people;

Resolves to:

Urge the Asia-Pacific governments to establish exchange programs to study and research on the different cultures of the Asia-Pacific countries;

Encourage APPF governments to establish and actively participate in cultural projects and activities such as exchange programs focusing on the different areas of culture and information;

Call on the APPF governments to support research and studies on cultural life, historical background and development of all Asia-Pacific countries.