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11-14 JANUARY 1999



  1. At the invitation of the National Congress of the Republic of Peru, the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) was held in Lima, Republic of Peru, on 11-14 January 1999.
  2. The Meeting was attended by 84 parliamentarians from 22 regular member countries of the APPF and one observer country. An Ecuadorian parliamentarian attended as a special guest. The list of participants appears as Annex I.

The Seventh Annual Meeting adopted 13 Resolutions on the following topics:

These Resolutions are at Annex II.

  1. The Opening Ceremony was held on 11 January 1999. Delegates, accompanying persons and invited guests heard addresses from: His Excellency Alberto Fujimori, President of the Republic of Peru; the Honorable Yasuhiro Nakasone, President of the APPF; the Honorable Ricardo Marcenaro, President of the Congress of the Republic of Peru; and the Honorable Oswaldo Sandoval, President of the APPF Republic of Peru Group.
  2. In the morning of 11 January 1999, the Executive Committee met and approved the agenda and working program for the Meeting.
  3. The Honorable Oswaldo Sandoval was elected Chairman of the Seventh Annual Meeting.
  4. The Honorable Amo Houghton, Member of the United States House of Representatives, delivered an address on the international financial crisis at a luncheon before the official opening.
  5. The Annual Meeting held six plenary sessions.
  6. The Meeting discussed the international financial crisis and heard reports from member countries. It called for the restoration of market confidence and economic growth in the Asia Pacific region. The intention was to minimize a resurgence of protectionism regarding international trade, further stabilize currencies and encourage increased direct investment. The Meeting suggested the possible establishment of a regional consultative body, with the participation of such entities as the European Union and the World Trade Organization. The Meeting also urged, reforming of the IMF and of the financial sector of the affected economies to avoid future crisis.
  7. On the issue of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the Meeting urged those states not party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons to accede to it at the earliest possible date and to place all their nuclear material and facilities under comprehensive IAEA Safeguards. The Meeting also emphasized the importance of preventing the proliferation of missiles and missile-related technology.
  8. On the issue of landmines, the Meeting invited APPF member countries that have not yet signed to accede to the Anti-Personnel Landmines Convention when circumstances permit and at the earliest opportunity, and urged APPF signatory states to ratify the Convention before the end of 1999.
  9. The Meeting congratulated the legislative bodies and the respective Presidents of Peru and Ecuador for concluding the peace process between their two countries. In addition, the Meeting exhorted the international community to fully support de-mining efforts in the border zone between these countries.
  10. The Meeting called for APPF member countries to take measures aimed at promoting a culture of peace, specially through educational programs and through dialogue and consensus, including the pacific solution to their conflicts, thus rejecting all forms of violence.
  11. The Meeting heard a report from the Vietnamese delegation on the ASEAN Summit Meeting held in Hanoi in December 1998.
  12. The Meeting agreed on the need to provide financial and technical assistance to those countries adversely affected by El Niño. The Meeting also urged the continuation of medium term preventive activities and scientific and technological studies on the El Niño phenomenon. In a related decision, the Meeting called for APPF member countries to set up a joint system of monitoring and responding to trans-boundary pollution.
  13. The Meeting urged member countries to develop cooperative measures to deter terrorism. It also called for measures to combat illicit arms trafficking and trade in small arms at global, regional and national levels.
  14. The Meeting discussed President Nakasoneís suggestion to continue to seek observer status for the APPF at APEC meetings.
  15. The Meeting noted progress with the first Asia Pacific Festival of Art & Culture to be held in Japan in 2001.
  16. The Meeting expressed its appreciation for the progress made on the APOINT 2001 project as demonstrated by the Peruvian and Japanese delegations. It accepted the Korean delegationís offer to develop and provide a web-hosting service for its sub-regional countries.
  17. The Honorable Yasuhiro Nakasone was re-elected unanimously to serve a further three year term as President of the APPF.
  18. The Meeting approved the proposal made by the Chairman of the Executive Committee on the membership of the Executive Committee and its term of office. This proposal is attached as Annex III.
  19. The new members of the Executive Committee are:

  1. Australia was confirmed as the host for the Eighth Annual Meeting of the APPF in January 2000. The Indonesian and Chilean delegations extended invitations to host a future Annual Meeting.
  2. The Meeting was deeply grateful to the President of the Republic of Peru for his keynote address and for participating in the Meeting on its opening day. The Meeting also expressed deep appreciation to the Chairman of the Seventh Annual Meeting, the Honorable Oswaldo Sandoval, for his energy and leadership in organizing and conducting the Meeting.
  3. The Meeting also expressed its heartfelt appreciation to the President of the Congress, the Honorable Ricardo Marcenaro, and to the Congress and people of the Republic of Peru for the excellent administrative arrangements made for the Seventh Annual Meeting of the APPF and for the generous and warm hospitality extended to delegates and accompanying persons.

Adopted on Thursday 14 January 1999 in Lima, the Republic of Peru.