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JANUARY 11TH-14TH, 1999



  I. Economic matters in the Asia-Pacific region

  1. Economic situation in the Asia-Pacific APPF member countries
  2. International and Regional Co-operation to overcome the crisis

II. Political and Security Issues in the Asia-Pacific region

  1. Nuclear and missile proliferation India-Pakistan-North Korea
  2. Anti-personnel land mines
    Report by Peru
  3. Key political developments in the region Cambodia, Burma, Myammar and others
  4. Review of the 5th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)

III. Regional Co-operation in the Asia Pacific region

  1. Addressing Global Issues
    1. Environmental issues including climate change
      • Follow up of Kyoto Convention on Climate Change
      • El Niņo and La Niņa Phenomena
    2. Drugs and Money Laundering
    3. Terrorism
      Report by the USA

  2. Promotion and Co-operation between APEC and the APPF
  3. Co-operation in other areas
    • Promotion of a Culture of Peace
      Report by Peru
    • Asia-Pacific Festival of Art and Culture
      Report by Japan

IV. Cementing the Foundation for Interchanges among Parlamentarians
The Asia-Pacific Open Information Network Technology APOINT 2001

V. Organizational Matters

  1. Selection of the APPF President for 1999-2002
  2. Constitution of the New Executive Committee Members

VI. Decision on the Host Country of the Next Annual Meeting
Host of the 8th Annual Meeting: Australia

VII. Others