Resolution on Information Technology Revolution by the Delegation of the Philippines.

Recognizing that information technology is imperative to taking advantage of the positive influences and opportunities of globalization, including innovative business models;
Noting that amid the challenges of the new millenium, information technology is the main tool towards speeding up economic growth with social equity and justice by enabling to respond to threats and opportunities in the international market; reinforcing social integration -wherein people will have more time to spend for leisure, kinship, social and civil pursuits; and reinventing government systems where government services will be online and the public can have access to these services through the Internet;
Recalling the unparalleled efforts of member-countries to invest in information technology, in preparing their citizens to become e-commerce literate through promotion and facilitation activities;
Mindful that two years after the financial crisis that hit Asia, economies in the region have significantly rebounded from the slump, a development largely attributed to an increased access to computers, telecommunication and information technology education.
Resolves to:
Urge member countries to help increase access of their educational system to the Internet by incorporating information technology education as part of the school curriculum and further integrating Internet and e-commerce in education and training policies;
Call on all member countries to position themselves fully towards the digital economy by introducing legislative framework that will spur e-commerce development and provide the environment conducive to the growth of the local infotech sector;
Encourage business sectors in the member countries' economies to adapt to the rapid pace of change brought by the technological revolution by providing the needs of the market with appropriate products and services.