Resolution by the Australian Delegation on Pacific Cooperation and the Biketawa Declaration.

Recalling the APPF Vancouver Declaration, in particular its seven principles governing relations among countries in Asia Pacific, which urges promotion of peace and stability in the region and increased mutual understanding and confidence among the countries;
Welcoming the Biketawa Declaration by the leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum countries on 28 October 2000 in the Republic of Kiribati;
Noting the Biketawa Declaration demonstrates a commitment to good governance; underscores a belief in the liberty and equality of individuals under law; pledges to uphold democratic processes and institutions; recognises the importance of equitable development; highlights the importance of respecting and protecting indigenous rights and cultures; recognises threats to security and the importance of regional cooperation; and notes the importance of preventing and resolving conflict by peaceful means; and
Noting the Biketawa Declaration commits the Pacific Islands Forum to constructively address difficult and sensitive issues underlying causes of tension and conflict and attend to any crisis situations through a range of practical measures;
Resolves to:
1. Register the APPF's concern over violent act against elected governments in both Fiji and Solomon Islands during 2000 which demonstrated the seriousness of threats to security, stability and democracy that have developed in the region;
2. Commend the governments of the members of the Pacific Islands Forum for taking significant and timely steps to demonstrate their continuing commitment to regional cooperation, peace and stability in the wake of these threats to harmony and democracy in the region;
3. Express the continuing support of the APPF for the efforts of the members of the Pacific Islands Forum to determine their own remedies to address internal and external security threats; and
4. Call on our respective governments, in the spirit of the Vancouver Declaration, to welcome and support the efforts of the Pacific Islands Forum in seeking peaceful solutions to conflicts affecting its member states.