Resolution on ASEAN + 3 submitted by the U.S. delegation.

The 9th Annual Meeting of APPF in Valparaíso, Chile in January 2001,
Noting that at the ASEAN summit in Singapore in November 2000 the member states of ASEAN, along with China, Japan and the Republic of Korea agreed to study the merits of institutionalizing the ASEAN + 3 forum;
Welcoming the ASEAN +3 forumís intention to "promote dialogue and deepen and consolidate collective efforts with a view toward mutual understanding, trust, good neighborliness and friendly relations, peace, stability and prosperity in East Asia and the world;"
Encouraged by the ASEAN + 3 forumís agreement to focus its activities on such matters as economic, financial and monetary cooperation, social and human resources development and forging lasting peace and stability in East Asia;
Welcoming the ASEAN + 3 forumís currency swap initiative and its work establishing a network of persons to facilitate surveillance of regional capital flows in East Asia to prevent a recurrence of the 1997 Asian economic crisis;
Noting Australiaís interest in joining the ASEAN + 3 forum at a later stage if invited to do so; and
Welcoming Prime Minister Goh Chok Tongís view that the idea of an ASEAN + 3 free trade zone would be based on the concept of "open regionalism" developed regarding APECís own market-opening initiatives;
Resolves to:
Encourage further progress in the evolution of the ASEAN + 3 forum in meeting its objectives outlined above; and
Urge the ASEAN + 3 forum to maintain its adherence to the concept of open regionalism as an organizing principle in its trade initiatives.