Resolution on solid waste management and the creation of the recycling society by the delegation of the Philippines.

Recognizing environmental degradation as a global concern which cannot be solved by one nation alone and that every citizen should have a long-term commitment to fight environmental hazards through collective activism in order to eventually protect each manís right to a safe, just and sustainable nation;
Noting that the management of the environment has become a major responsibility, challenge and concern in urban centers in the Asia-Pacific Region where the growth in population and economic activities contribute to increasing volumes of garbage and solid wastes, and thus, the further deterioration of the environment;
Emphasizing that the leadership of the government and its strong political will toward solid waste management is fundamental in improving and enhancing community participation to address garbage and solid waste concerns;
Convinced that to establish and implement an effective solid waste management program, appropriate incentives and mechanism for consultation, cooperative engagement and monitoring must be in place;
Convinced further that individual and concerted efforts must be geared towards wise utilization of natural resources to meet present needs without compromising the capability of future generation to meet their own needs, which is the essence of sustainable development;
Attaching much importance to the realization of the society which promotes recycling.
Resolves to:
Urge all governments of the Asia-Pacific Region to undertake a solid waste management program with advanced planning and projection of requirement to ensure its effective implementation;
Call upon all governments of APPF member countries to take an active role in all facets of waste management whether as a large-scale industry or as an ordinary community activity by formulating guidelines, providing support services and granting tax incentives and other benefits;
Encourage each APPF member country to continue its programs for the protection of the environment and to cooperate with other countries in promoting proper waste management and the principle of sustainable development and integrating it into all aspects of development.
Encourage all APPF member countries to exert every effort to create the society which recycle limited resources conducive to sustainable development in the 21st century.