Resolution on the World Trade Organization submitted by the Canadian and USA Delegation.

Recognizes the need for a strong commitment to launch a new round of multilateral trade negotiations. We agree that a new round should be launched at the earliest opportunity, by all WTO members, including the least developed and developing economies, an agenda that is balanced and appropriately responds to the interests and concerns of all WTO members.
Acknowledges the confidence-building measures adopted in the WTO, including those on market access for least-developed economies and those addressing concerns over aspects of the implementation of WTO agreements.
Understanding the PRC’s entry into the international trade system will benefit the people of the PRC, the Asia Pacific and the entire world;
Congratulating China on reaching bilateral agreements regarding China´s accession to the WTO with 36 of the 37 WTO members that requested such negotiations;
Observing positive developments in the WTO accession processes of Russia and Vietnam;
Affirming that APPF Members fully support the accession of the PRC to the WTO as soon as possible so as to benefit the world as a whole;
Welcomes the substantial progress that has been made recently in China’s WTO accession negotiations and urges rapid completion of these separate negotiations. We also support rapid accession to the WTO by Chinese Taipei as a customs territory after China joins the WTO and the advancement of the accession processes of Russia, Vietnam and other prospective WTO Members;
Urges Mexico to complete its bilateral agreement with China regarding the PRC´s accession to the WTO as expeditiously as possible;
Encourages progress in the accessions of Russia, Vietnam and all other APPF members not yet members of the WTO; and
Calls upon delegations in Geneva to agree on an agenda in 2001 through political will and by exercising flexibility, and agrees on the need to better communicate to the public the importance of the WTO in fostering growth in the global economy