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13-15 JANUARY 2003


1. The decade old APPF met the 11th time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 13-15 January 2003 at the invitation of the Malaysian Parliament.

2. 101 delegates and 39 accompanying persons from 24 member countries as well as observer country, Brunei Darussalam attended the meeting. Annex 1 lists the


3. H.E Tan Sri Dato’ Michael Chen Wing Sum, President of the Malaysian Senate chaired the Annual Meeting. In welcoming the participants he wished everyone a happy stay in Malaysia.

4. H.E Hon Yasuhiro Nakasone, President of APPF and former Prime Minister of Japan said that in the midst of the recent increase in uncertainty in the international situation, the 11th APPF Annual Meeting is crucial. It is held at a turning point in history and has great importance. He was sure that there will be lively discussions on important issues such as DPRK and Iraq.

5. H.E Rt. Hon. Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia officially declared open the Annual Meeting. He lamented that despite fighting two world wars, mankind is still nowhere near the peace it aspires to achieve.

6. The meeting welcomed a special report from the Kingdom of Cambodia on theoutcome of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) meeting held in Brunei Darussalam in 2002. The report (Annex 2) reaffirmed ASEAN’s commitment and cooperation to promote stability and security in the Asia Pacific region.

7. Mexico was also invited to table a special report on the two meetings they hosted in 2002, the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) (Annex 3A) meeting and the informal APPF Meeting (Annex 3B) prior to APEC. The report (in the form of a power-point presentation) highlighted the issues of common concern discussed and the agreements reached.

8. The 11th APPF Annual Meeting continued to voice the concerns raised in Honolulu in 2002 on four main topics:

a) Politics and Security

These included the Denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, Abduction (Annex 4), Terrorism, the Middle East Peace Processes and how it impinged on Israel, Palestine and Iraq.

b) Economy and Investment

The matters highlighted were WTO issues such as co-operation for the New Round and Agricultural Subsidy, Reinforcement of Bilateral and Regional Economic Partnerships, Sustainable Development, and Economy & Trade.

c) Co-operation on Transnational Issues The highlights were People Smuggling and Trafficking in Persons, Narcotics, Environment, Infectious Diseases and Combating Corruption.

d) Asia Pacific Co-operation

The need to strengthen the APPF so that it can continue to play an effective and meaningful role In the Asia-Pacific Region received the attention of the

Annual Meeting. H.E President Yasuhiro Nakasone presented a comprehensive paper prepared by Chairman of the Executive Committee in cooperation with the East-West Center and the United States of America as the previous host country (Annex 5A) on his proposals for a strong APPF. Mexico supplemented with its input (Annex 5B). The meeting agreed to study the proposals and thanked H.E. President Nakasone and Mexico for their contributions. A final decision on the proposals incorporating members’ views will be made by the Executive Committee in six to eight months time.

e) Other Issues

Besides the main matters, other new issues were also discussed. This included New and Restored Democracies, Information & Communication

Technology (ICT) and Promotion of Education.

9. Annual Meeting adopted the following 14 resolutions

• APPF11/Res /01: Resolution on the Denuclearisation of the Korean

Peninsula submitted by Japan and Korea.

• APPF11/Res /02: Resolution on Terrorism submitted by Australia, Indonesia,

Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, and The Philippines.

• APPF11/Res /03: Resolution on Iraq submitted by Canada and Indonesia.

• APPF11/Res /04: Resolution on the Middle East Peace Process submitted by

Indonesia and Japan.

• APPF11/Res /05: Resolution on Trade Agreements and WTO submitted by

Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand.

• APPF11/Res /06: Resolution on the DOHA Agenda for the Development of

the WTO and the Agriculture Subsidies in World Trade submitted by Mexico.

• APPF11/Res /07: Resolution on People Smuggling and Trafficking in Persons submitted by Australia and Malaysia.

• APPF11/Res /08: Resolution on Narcotics submitted by Thailand and The Philippines.

• APPF11/Res /09: Resolution on Environment and Development submitted by Australia, Indonesia, Japan and The Philippines.

• APPF11/Res /10: Resolution on Infectious Diseases submitted by The Philippines.

• APPF11/Res /11: Resolution on Combating Corruption submitted by Thailand.

• APPF11/Res /12: Resolution on New and Restored Democracies submitted by Mongolia.

• APPF11/Res /13: Resolution on Information Technologies and Communication submitted by Australia and Mexico.

• APPF11/Res /14: Resolution on Promotion of Education submitted by Japan.

10. Executive Committee Membership: The following countries replaced the three

which had completed their two-year term on the Executive Committee:

a. South East Asia : Malaysia replaced Lao People’s Democratic Republic

b. Oceania : New Zealand replaced Micronesia

c. The Americas : Republic of Chile replaced Mexico

11. 2004 Host:

The Annual Meeting unanimously approved the Executive Committee’s recommendation on the appointment of the People’s Republic of China as the host for the Twelfth Annual Meeting of APPF in January, 2004 at a venue to be announced later.

12. The Reports of the APPF Technological Working Groups are included as Annex 6.


The meeting expressed its sincere gratitude to H.E Hon Yasuhiro Nakasone, President of APPF for his guidance; H.E Hon. Tan Sri Dato’ Michael Chen Wing

Sum, President of the Malaysian Senate for his exemplary chairmanship of the 11th

Annual Meeting; Hon. Datuk Nor Azah Awin for assisting in guiding the proceedings; host country, Malaysia for providing the excellent facilities and hospitality; the Secretariat for their excellent care for the welfare and comfort of all the participants and accompanying persons and all others who had helped in one way or another to ensure the success of the Annual Meeting.