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submitted by Australia

The Sixth Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum.

Recalling the resolution approved by acclamation at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Forum in Vancouver, Canada in January 1997;

Alarmed by the magnitude of drug abuse, illicit cultivation, production and trafficking in narcotic substances, including synthetic mid designer drugs, which affect the welfare of millions of persons, particularly the youth of today in all countries of our region.

Recognizing the extent of the worldwide trade in the international trafficking in illicit drugs and the increase in production and consumption in the Asia Pacific region and its association with international and national crime and all its manifestations;

Bearing in mind the aims of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum to work towards a reduction in the incidence of illicit narcotic drugs;

Convinced of the clear connection between international organized crime, trafficking in illicit drugs and the incidence of the laundering of the financial proceeds of these illegal activities;

Acknowledging that a coordinated global approach is required to combat the spread of crime associated with these activities;

Emphasizing the important role that international and regional co-operation can play in assisting national efforts in countering the activities of persons involved in these activities;

Stressing the urgent requirement to improve regional and international cooperation and the coordination of activities directed at combating the illicit production of drugs and the laundering of proceeds in all its variations;

Also Recognizing the importance of the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988 in addressing measures to combat these crimes against humanity;

Recalling the APPF Resolution on Terrorism adopted unanimously at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Forum in Vancouver, Canada, in January 1997;

Noting that terrorism in all its forms remains a major challenge for the international community;

Concerned that terrorism is a threat to contemporary life and that no country is able to consider itself immune from that threat;

Recalling the support of the international community for United Nations General Assembly Resolution 5 1/2 10 on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism which was adopted without a vote on 17 December 1996.

Noting the desirability of developing a strong international framework for ensuring effective cooperation among countries to eliminate terrorism:

  1. Calls upon regional parliaments to strengthen law enforcement structures and capabilities in combating the illicit production of drugs and the laundering of proceeds through closer co-operation within the region to balance the increased capabilities of organized crime groups through the development of more compatible laws, increased mutual assistance and co-operation in extradition, money laundering matters and intelligence exchange; and

  2. Invites delegations to the Seventh Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum to report on the program made in their parliamentary jurisdiction to reduce the incidence of trafficking in illicit drugs and the processing of illicitly acquired narcotics as it applies to the Asia and Pacific Region.

  3. Declares that terrorist acts are wrong in any circumstances whatever the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other name that may be invoked to justify them;

  4. Condemns unequivocally all acts, methods, and practices of terrorists activity as criminal and unjustifiable,

  5. Affirms the duty incumbent on States to fulfil their obligations under international law (including the UN Charter) with respect to combating international terrorism;

  6. Emphasizes the importance of strengthening the rule of law as a principal means of countering terrorism;

  7. Calls upon all countries to become party to the conventions covering various aspects of international terrorism and to refrain from offering support for terrorist activities;

  8. Urges all APPF member countries to develop further cooperative measures aimed at detecting, deterring and responding to acts of terrorism wherever they occur.