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Submitted by the Japanese Delegation


The Seventh Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Recalling the APPF Vancouver Declaration, in particular its seven principals governing relations among the countries in Asia - Pacific, which are reiterated to promote peace and stability in the region and increase mutual understanding and confidence among the countries,

Welcoming the final agreement between the governments of Peru and Ecuador on the peaceful and settlement of October 1998, concerning the complete execution of the Rio de Janeiro Protocol of 1942.

Noting the importance of the international community collaboration in the eradication of the antipersonnel land mines placed in the border areas among the two countries.


Resolves to

Congratulate the legislative bodies of Peru and Ecuador for the bold measures adopted to support the peace process and the key decisions made in order to facilitate the final agreement reached by the Presidents of both countries,

Pay high tribute to President Alberto Fujimori Fujimori and President Jamil Mahuad Witt, who fully exerted strong leadership to realize this peaceful settlement and to the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the United States of America, the guarantors of the Rio de Janeiro Protocol, and which consistently contributed to the peaceful solution of the differences between the two countries until this final agreement was reached,

Encourage the governments of Peru and Ecuador to steadily implement the contents of the final agreement in order to demonstrate that it is an excellent model of a peaceful settlement of international disputes,

Exhort the international community to fully support the efforts for de-mining in the border zone between both countries,

Call on our respective governments to seek a peaceful settlement in any case of international dispute in the light of the spirit of the Vancouver Declaration.