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JANUARY 11TH-14TH, 1999


  1. Venue of the 7th Annual Meeting
  2. Accommodation
  3. Visas
  4. Registration
  5. Flight Schedule & Transportation
  6. Accompanying Persons
  7. Language
  8. Currency Exchange and Credit Cards
  9. Accident, Medical, and Luggage Insurance
  10. Climate
  11. Gratuity
  12. Airport Fee and Customs
  13. Expenses
  14. Documentation
  1. Venue of the 7th Annual Meeting
  2. The venue of the meeting is Los Delfines Hotel, 555 Eucaliptos St., Lima 27, Peru, (511) 215-7000 fax: (511) 215-7072. Reservations may also be made at El Libertador Hotel, (511) 442-1995, and the Country Club Lima Hotel (511) 211-9000, both located opposite Los Delfines.

  3. Accommodation
  4. Each national delegation is responsible for the reservation of the appropriate number of rooms by sending the registration form that will be provided together with the official invitation letter, to the host secretariat at the earliest opportunity, and no later than November 30, 1998. Delegates are strongly advised to respect this deadline.

    Accommodation rates in US dollars are as follows:

    Los Delfines Hotel (5 stars): 150 rooms available

    Kind of room Rates*
    Standard (single or double) $ 147.20
    Executive (single or double) $ 160.00
    Junior Suite $ 172.80
    Senior Suite $ 217.60
    De luxe Suite $ 281.60

    * Rates include buffet breakfast and tax and service charge

    Country Club Lima Hotel (5 stars): 20 rooms available

    Kind of room Rates*
    Standard (single or double) $ 108.80
    Executive (single or double) $ 179.20
    Junior Suite $ 185.60
    Senior Suite ----------
    De luxe Suite ----------

    * Rates include tax and service charge

    El Libertador Hotel (4 stars): 20 rooms available

    Kind of room Rates*
    Standard (single or double) $ 108.80
    Executive (single or double) ----------
    Junior Suite $ 140.80
    Senior Suite $ 172.80
    De luxe Suite $ 215.04

    * Rates include buffet breakfast and tax and service charge

  5. Visas
  6. All delegates and accompanying persons should hold a valid passport to enter the Republic of Peru, and, in some cases, a visa is also

    required. Participating delegations are kindly advised to check with the Peruvian mission in their respective countries regarding entry visas to the Republic of Peru.

  7. Registration

    All national delegations are kindly requested to fill out their Registration Form, and send it to the secretariat at the earliest opportunity by facsimile to the following address:

    7th APPF General Assembly Secretariat

    Congressman Oswaldo Sandoval

    Palacio Legislativo

    Av. Abancay s/n, Plaza Bolivar

    Lima, Peru

    Tel: (511) 426-2132 Fax: (511) 427-0807


    Upon arrival in Lima, delegates will be required to register their attendance at the Registration Desk located at the lobby of the hotel. At that moment, they will be given materials, documents, and relevant information concerning the assembly. Additionally, delegates and other registered persons will be provided with an identification badge to facilitate admission to the conference hall, and recognition for protective security purposes.

  8. Flight Schedule & Transportation
  9. In order to ensure proper arrival and departure assistance, and transportation to and from Jorge Chavez International Airport, all participants are kindly requested to provide timely and accurate flight information. Should any changes thereon occur, please notify the Host Secretariat of such changes at the earliest opportunity.

  10. Accompanying Persons
  11. Delegates are welcome to bring accompanying persons to the 7th Annual Meeting in Lima. A special program will be conducted for them during the meeting days. Further information will be available upon registration for the Assembly.

  12. Language
  13. English will be the official language of the meeting. Simultaneous interpretation into Spanish will be provided for all the meetings. Interpretation facilities for other languages may be arranged upon request provided that the delegations bring their own interpreters. Requests for such arrangements must be made to the Host Secretariat by no later than December 1, 1998, since interpretation channels are limited.

  14. Currency Exchange and Credit Cards
  15. Peruvian currency is the Nuevo Sol (S/.) which consists of 100 centimos There are S/.10, S/.20, S/.50, S/.100 and S/.200 bills. The breakdown of coins is as follows: 10 centimos, 20 centimos, 50 centimos, S/.1 and S/.5, and as of October 30, 1998, the exchange rate is S/. 3.05 per US dollar.

    Most major international currencies can be exchanged at local banks in Lima, and major credit cards are widely accepted throughout the country.

  16. Accident, Medical, and Luggage Insurance
  17. Personal accidents, medical care, and luggage and currency loss will be the responsibility of individual participants. Therefore, it is recommended that they take out appropriate insurance before their departure for Peru.

  18. Climate
  19. Lima's weather is usually hot and humid in the summer, with sporadic drizzle in the early morning. The average daily temperature in January is about 26 C in the morning, and 14 C at night, therefore, it is advised that participants bring light clothing.

  20. Gratuity
  21. Tipping is not customary in Peru, except for hotel bellhops, airport porters, and waiters in those restaurants where service charge is not included in the bill. The amount to give is left at your will.

  22. Airport Fee and Customs
  23. Upon departure, Peruvian airport administration charges every passenger boarding aircraft in Lima an Airport Fee of US $ 25.00 for international flights, and S/. 10.00 (Ten Nuevos Soles) for domestic flights.

    The Peruvian Customs Office advise delegates that the following luggage items are exempted from taxes: Personal belongings, portable hairdryers or brushes, cameras, non-professional video cameras, portable electronic calculators, gifts up to the amount of US $300 provided that the unit value does not exceed US $100, portable radios or cassette or cd players.

  24. Expenses
  25. In accordance with APPF procedures, travel and accommodation expenses will be borne by the participants. The host country will cover expenses related to the meeting and the provision of airport transportation.

  26. Documentation
  27. Participating delegations are kindly invited to forward a copy of the draft resolutions, theme papers, and written comments to be submitted to the General Assembly, together with their Registration Forms, no later than November 30, 1998