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Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
4th Annual Meeting January 15-19, 1996
Cha-am, Phetchaburi Province Thailand

Resolution on Protection of Women's Rights

The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum:

Aware of the rampant violation of the rights of women in the Asia Pacific region and its adverse effects on the world social situation and on international peace;

Recalling the recommendations of the Platform for Action reached at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing;

Cognizant of the profound concern of the United Nations for the alleviation of the oppressive condition of women in the Asia Pacific as a result of social inequities, natural disasters, violence, armed conflicts, exploitation, illiteracy, hunger and disability;

Realizing the need for policies that will put and end to such violations and convinced that urgent and effective national and international action to promote the welfare and protect the rights of women is imperative:

Recognizing that the implementation of resolutions on women would ameliorate and advance the welfare and protect the rights of women;

Resolves to:

Urge international communities and national and international organizations on women to publicize on the widest scale possible the promotion of women's rights and welfare;

Request APPF Governments to closely monitor the situation of women in their own countries to put an end to the violation of the rights of women.

Call on its member countries to consider developing and implementing national programs of action consistent with their national legislative framework to give effect to their respective commitments to the Declaration and Platform of Action of the Fourth World Conference on Women.