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Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
5th Annual Meeting January 7-10, 1997
Vancouver, Canada

Resolution submitted by the delegations of Australia, México, Perú and the Philippines
International Trafficking inIllicit Drugs and Money Laundering

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Recalling the resolution on Drug Abuse, Trafficking and Money Laundering (APPF4/Res/SO/1) approved by acclamation at the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Forum in Cha-am, Thailand in January 1996, indicating our desire to work to resolve the drug problem;

Alarmed by the magnitude of the rising trend of drug abuse, illicit cultivation, production and trafficking in narcotic substances, including synthetic and designer drugs, which threaten social coexistence and effect the welfare of millions of persons and communities, particulary the youth of today in all countries of our region;

Recognizing the extent of international trafficking in illicit drugs and the increase in production and consumption in the Asia-Pacific region is due to the rising activities in the region of well-organized drug syndicates, often operating in close connection with terrorist organizations all of which threaten the peace and stability of affected countries;

Convinced of the clear connection between international organized crime, the trafficking in illicit drugs and the incidence of the laundering of the financial proceeds of these illegal activities;

Acknowledging that the fight against illicit drugs is of the highest priority and that a coordinated global approach is required to combat the organized crime associated with these activities;

Emphasizing the important role that international and regional co-operation can play in breaking the chains of distribution and assisting national efforts in countering the activities of persons involved in these activities;

Recognizing the importance of the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988 in combating crimes against humanity;

Resolves to:

Call upon APPF member governments to strengthen law enforcement in combating the production, trafficking and consumption of illicit drugs and money laundering, through closer co-operation in such areas as extradition and the exchange of information;

Invite delegations to the Sixth Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum to table reports as appropriate on the progress made in their parliamentary jurisdictions to ameliorate the drug problem;

Recommend that their governments support alternative development projects for countries affected by the drug problem, including those projects promoting alternative crops;

Suggest that their governments give priority to preventive and rehabilitative measures directed at drug addicts and potential users, particularly by educational efforts aimed at youth;

Invite APPF delegations to encourage their respective heads of state and government to convene a world summit on drug trafficking, money laundering, terrorism and organized crime.

Adopted unanimously on January 10, 1997, in Vancouver.