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Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
5th Annual Meeting January 7-10, 1997
Vancouver, Canada

Resolution submitted by the Peruvian delegation
Legislative Exchanges

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the APPF,

Recognizing the growth of new media of communication and dissemination of information especially through the Internet.

Acknowledging that several parliaments of the APPF have developed Web-Sites and databases which could be shared by other members of APPF.

Noting the interest of the member of APPF to exchange legislative information among themselves.

Understanding the importance of the Internet as a means of making the objetives and the work of the APPF known throughout the world.

Realizing that other multilateral parliamentary organizations have already developed Web-Sites with important success.

Resolves to:

  1. Charge one of the member parliaments of APPF with the task of developing and maintaining a Web-Site for the APPF

  2. Request all members to provide the necessary information and support required for the accomplishment of this task.

Adopted unanimously on January 10, 1997, in Vancouver.