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Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
5th Annual Meeting January 7-10, 1997
Vancouver, Canada

Resolution submitted by the Philippine delegation
Cultural exchange programme

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Cognizant of the role played by culture and values in the unification of people of diverse backgrounds and origins;

Realizing the importance of programs and activities that promote greater awareness of the history, culture and heritage of all Asia Pacific member countries in order to encourage the harmonious relationship among their peoples;

Realizing further that the different cultures of the Asia Pacific countries can be integrated into one cultural presentation where the countries can demonstrate their cooperation with each other while retaining their individual identities;

Fully aware that a cultural exchange program and related activities will enhance social and cultural development of the region and its people, as well as foster better understanding and closer friendly relations among them;

Resolves to:

Encourage the governments and Parliaments of APPF member countries to give full support to research and studies on cultural life, historical background and development of Asia Pacific countries;

Urge the governments and Parliaments of APPF member countries to establish and actively participate in an exchange program focusing on the different areas of culture and information.

Adopted unanimously on January 9, 1997, in Vancouver.