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Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
5th Annual Meeting January 7-10, 1997
Vancouver, Canada

Resolution submitted by the delegations from Perú and the Philippines
Environmental issues

The Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum Fifth Annual Meeting,

Noting that the environment is the world´s life support system and must be conserved in order to maintain all forms of life;

Aware that uncontrolled human activities have caused negative impacts on the environment, resulting in ecological degradation and depletion of a number of species;

Recognizing that the abundant but not inexhaustible resources in the Asia-Pacific region are an invaluable inheritance for future generations and therefore should be used wisely;

Convinced that sustainable development is the key to satisfying the needs of the present generation without jeopardizing the prospects of future generations;

Desirous of making joint efforts with a view to reaching the objectives of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 1992 and, particularly, the recommendations of Agenda 21;

Recognizing that we share a commitment to sustainable development for the benefit of future generations and that there are multiple opportunities for regional cooperation in the fields of environmental resources, technologies and services.

Resolves to:

Urge APPF member countries to support Agenda 21 objectives approved by the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development, and to cooperate in protecting the environment for the purpose of sustaining development and integrating them all aspects of development;

Encourage APPF parliamentarians to enact laws and measures that will complement international efforts to protect the environment, and to impose effective penalties on violators;

Work together as parliamentarians to exchange information and consult on priority subjects such as climate change, protection of the ozono layer, biological diversity, sustainable use of forest resources, desertification, maritime resources, hydro resources, toxic and dangerous wastes, and control of pollution;

Call upon APPF governments and parliamentarians to participate in and support environmental management and other ecological rehabilitation activities.

Adopted unanimously on January 10, 1997.