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Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
5th Annual Meeting January 7-10, 1997
Vancouver, Canada

Resolution submitted by the American delegation
Trade Liberalization and APPF

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Welcoming the advances made by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders Meeting toward the realization of free trade in the APEC area;

Recognizing that the Singapore Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization marked an important step in the development of a more liberalized multilateral trade system;

Recalling that the Tokyo Declaration of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum lists “open and non-exclusive cooperation for the expansion of free trade and investment..” as a guiding principle of APPF;

Recalling that the APPF Procedures adopted at the Second Annual Meeting describe APPF ´s role, in part, as “open and non-exclusive cooperation for the expansion of free trade and investment…”

Noting that the economies of APPF member countries have become more dependent on overseas markets than ever before and that liberalized trade creates real jobs and real prosperity for all the peoples of the Asia Pacific; and

Recognizing that regardless of the merits of free trade in the APEC area or the expansion of the multilateral trading system based on internationally agreed and enforceable rules, these goals will remain elusive until the citizenry of APPF´s respective countries are convinced that liberalized trade will net them real, tangible benefits;

Invites APPF and its members to play a greater role in informing, persuading and mobilizing public support for liberalized trade.

Adopted unanimously on January 9, 1997, in Vancouver.