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SEPTEMBER 7 ~ 9, 1997





The Executive Committee Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) was held in Seoul, Korea from September 7 to 9, 1997.

Participants from eight countries attended the meeting. (See Appendix I of the list of the participants).

The meeting was held in an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding. 

  1. Opening Proceedings
  2. The executive Committee meeting was opened by the Hon. Yasuhiro Nakasone, President of the APPF and Chairman of the Executive Committee.

    The Hon. Heung Soo YOO, President of the APPF Korean National Group, was appointed Co-Chairman of the Executive Committee. 

  3. Dates, Location and Program for the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
  4. At the invitation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, it was agreed that the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum will be held from January 7 to 10, 1998 in Seoul, Korea.

    The Executive Committee agreed to the following schedule in preparation for the Sixth Annual Meeting.

  1. The President of the APPF will notify all member countries the decisions made by this Executive Committee Meeting at the end of September.
  2. By the end of October, 1997 the official invitations will be sent out from the National Assembly of Republic of Korea to all APPF member countries.
  3. All theme papers, draft resolutions and written comments from member countries will be forwarded to the host country no later than the end of November, 1997. These documents will be distributed to member countries during the first week of December.
  4. The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held in Seoul on January 7, 1997.


  1. Agenda for the Sixth Annual Meeting
  2. The Executive Committee considered the draft Agenda for the Sixth Annual Meeting as proposed by the Hon. Yasuhiro Nakasone.

    After discussion, the Executive Committee agreed to a final draft (See Appendix II).


  3. The Seventh Annual Meeting
  4. The Peruvian delegation reconfirmed the intention of Peru to host the Seventh Annual Meeting in January, 1999. An Executive Committee Meeting will also take place in Peru in September, 1998.


  5. Report by the Working Group on the Creation of an "APPF Inter-Parliamentary Mechanism"
  6. The Hon. Surin Pitsuwan, Chairman of the APPF Working Committee, reported the establishment of an APPF Inter-Parliamentary Mechanism to Facilitate Legislative Interchanges. 

    Summary of Network Technical Sub-working Group Meeting:

    After some discussion, it was re-confirmed that Peru would be the host of the APPF Website. The assignment of the subregional hubs would be assigned at the 6th Annual Meeting.


  7. Organizational Matters

The Executive Committee considered organizational matters raised in the letter of 12 August, 1997 from Hon. Yasuhiro Nakasone, chairman of the APPF Executive Committee and agreed to make the following recommendations:


  • Number of Executive Committee Members
  • Qualification for an Executive Committee Member
  • Term of Office for an Executive Committee Member
  • Method of Election 

    Attest this 8th day of September, 1997 in Seoul, Korea.



    Hon. Yasuhiro Nakasone
    President of the APPF
    Chairman of the Executive Committee

    Hon. Heung Soo YOO
    President of the APPF
    Korean National Group






      Hon. Bill TAYLOR, M.P.,

    Leader of Delegation


    Mrs. Jan TAYLOR,



    Hon. Michael HATTON, M.P.


    Mrs. Shirly HATTON,



    Mr. Peter GIBSON




    Hon. Yasuhiro NAKASONE

    President of the APPF and

    Chairman of the Executive Committee


    Hon. Tatsuo OZAWA,

    Leader of Delegation


    Hon. Koji KAKIZAWA.


    Mr. Shigeru TANAKA,

    Secretary to Mr. NAKASONE

    Mr. Senichi SASAKI, Security Guard

    Mr. Junichi IHARA, Adviser

    Mr. Toru SHIMIZU, Adviser

    Mr. Yasuhide YAMANOUCHI, Adviser

    Mr. Ken YOKOTA, Interpreter

    Mr. Yukari HARADA, Interpreter

    Mr. Sachiko ISHIDA, Interpreter


    Republic of Korea

      Hon. Heung Soo YOO,

    Leader of Delegation


    Hon. Shang Hi RHEE., M.P.

    Hon. Soo Myung CHA., M.P.


    Hon. Woo Taik CHUNG, M.P.


    Hon. Sang Woo KIM, M.P.


    Mr. Seong Soo HYUN, Secretary

    Mr. Byoung Chul MOON, Secretary

    Ms. Beck Hee CHO, Secretary

    Mr. Jung Hwa LEE, Secretary


    Papua New Guinea

      Hon. Sir Michael SOMARE, M.P.

    Leader of Delegation


    Mr. Graeme WITCHURCH,

    Deputy Clerk of Parliament

    Mr. Wesley NIUT,

    Personal Assistant to Sir Michael SOMARE



      Hon. Oswaldo SANDOVAL,

    Vice President of the Congress of the Republic of Peru


    Hon. Graciela Fernandez Baca DE VALDEZ, M.P.



      Hon. Leandro B. VERCELES, JR.

    Leader of Delegation


    Ms. Thelma Marie N. INTON, Secretary

    Mr. Emanuel C. INTON, Spouse



      Hon. Surin PITSUWAN,

    Leader of Delegation

    Member of the House of Representatives


    Hon. Pichai VASNASONG,

    Member of Senate


    Mr. Rom HIRANPRUK, Adviser


    Miss Supasinee KHAMASUNDARA, Assistant Director
    House of Representatives



      Mr. Daniel BOB, Secretary

    Mr. Hyung Jun CHOI





    1. Political and Security issues in the Asia-Pacific Region
      1. Review of the 4th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)
        • Report by Malaysia
        • Japanese presentation on the Guidelines for Japan-US Defense Cooperation

      2. Response to Sub-regional Problems
        1. Korean Peninsula situation
          • Report by the Republic of Korea
        2. Cambodian situation
          • Report by Cambodia and the Representatives of the ASEAN Mediating Group

    2. Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region

      1. For Further Progress in Trade and Investment Liberalization
        1. APEC Vancouver Meetings
          • Report by Canada
        2. Stabilization of Capital and Financial Markets
          • Report by Thailand

      2. Addressing Global Issues
        1. Environment
          1. The 3rd Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP3)
            • Report by Japan
          2. El Nino Phenomenon
            • Report by Peru
        2. Energy Issues (Petroleum, nuclear power)
        3. Drugs, terrorism and money laundering
        4. Corruption

      3. Cooperation in Other Areas
        1. Education
        2. Cooperation in Areas of Human Resources and Culture
        3. Economic Cooperation
        4. Promotion of Exchanges in the Areas of Information and Communications (Roles for the government and private sector)

    3. Cementing the Foundation for Interchanges among Parliamentarians

      1. Inter-Parliamentary Exchange Mechanism (Asia-Pacific Open Information Network APOINT 2001 Plan)
        • Report by Thailand

      2. Creation of an APPF Website
        • Report by Peru

    4. Organizational Matters (Executive Committee Members and their Term of Office)

    5. Other
      • Myanmar General Discussion

    6. Decision on the Host Country of the Next Annual Meeting (Host of 7th Annual Meeting: Peru)