The Executive Authority of Fiji

The executive authority of Fiji is vested in His Excellency the President and exercisable by him or by Cabinet or any Minister authorised by Cabinet.

The Cabinet consist of members of Parliament chosen from the party commanding a majority in the House of Representatives. The President, acting in his own deliberate judgment, appoints as Prime Minister the Fijian member of the House of Representatives who appears to him best able to command the support of the majority of the members of that House.

The function of the Cabinet is to advise the President in matters of the government of Fiji an dthe Cabinet, collectively, is responsible to Parliament for any advice given to the President by or under the general authority of the Cabinet and for all things done by or under the authority of any Minister in the execution of his office. Cabinet's decisions are carried into effect by individual Ministers. Every Minister is allowed considerable discretionary power in the ordinary affairs of a department.

Government Ministers and the Cabinet

Cabinet Ministers:

  1. Rabuka, Hon. Major-Gen. S.L. OBE(Mil), MSD, O.StJ
    Prime Minister & Minister for Immigration
  2. Bole, Hon. F.N., CBE
    Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs & External Trade
  3. Vesikula, Hon. Ratu Timoci
    Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Fijian Affairs & Regional Development
  4. Bulewa, Hon. Kelemedi
    Attorney-General & Minister for Justice
  5. Manueli, Hon. Col. Paul, OBE (Mil), O.StJ
    Minister of Finance & Economic Planning
  6. Kubuabola, Hon. Ratu Inoke
    Minister for Youth, Employment Opportunities Sports & Information
  7. Bokini, Hon. Ratu Ovini
    Minister for Lands, Mineral Resources & Energy
  8. Dreunimisimisi, Hon. Ratu V.
    Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forests
  9. Kaukimoce, Hon. Lt. Col. J.
    Minister for Transport & Civil Aviation
  10. Leweniqila, Hon. Militoni
    Minister for Housing, Urban Development & Environment
  11. Matatolu, Hon. Koresi
    Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations
  12. Nacola, Hon. Ratu J.
    Minister for Women, Culture, Social Welfare & Multi-Ethnic Affairs
  13. Powell, Hon. Harold
    Minister for Commerce, Industry & Tourism
  14. Smith, Hon. Leo
    Minister for Infraestructure & Publics Works
  15. Vakatale, Hon. Taufa
    Minister for Education, Science & Technology
  16. Naivalu, Hon. Solomoni
    Minister for Health
  17. Toganivalu, Hon. Ratu W.B.
    Minister for Home Affairs

    Ministers of State:

    1. Hon. Vincent Lobendahn
      Minister of State for Television & Telecommunications
    2. Hon. Col. A Biuvakaloloma
      Minister of State for Fijian Affairs & Regional Development
    3. Hon. Viliame Saulekaleka
      Minister of State for Transport & Civil Aviation
    4. Hon. Joeli Kalou
      Minister of State for Housing, Urban Development & Environment
    5. Hon. Ratu Josefa Dimuri
      Minister of State for Youth, Employment Opportunities, Sport & Information
    6. Hon. Ratu Serupepeli Naivalu
      Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forests
    7. Hon. Mesulame Narawa
      Minister of State for Lands, Minteral Resources & Energy
    8. Hon. Kiniviliame Taukenikoro
      Minister of State for Education, Science & Technology